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We use high performance, open source tools, creating a resource-optimized Heroku logging stack. Learn More

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Query your logs with SQL, add dashboards and graphs, setup custom webhook notifications, even integrate via a built-in REST API.


Designed from the ground up for efficient log ingestion, storage and querying. You get a better price, faster queries and longer historical log retention.

Complete Portability

You can get a full data export of your Klada instance, keep your own backups, or even self-host Vector and OpenObserve.

What is Klada?

We built Klada to solve our own need for an effective, affordable Heroku logging solution. Even small apps can generate multiple GB per day of logs, resulting in exhorbitant prices or developers just deciding to forgo preserving logs.

We used high performance, open source tools Vector and OpenObserve to be a resource-optimized Heroku logging stack. After using it ourselves we decided to release Klada publicly for anyone else feeling the pain of Heroku logging in 2023.


Your logs are processed by a lightweight Rust toolchain, stored on fast disks in highly compressed Parquet time-series files.

Secure Scaling

Your log instance is hosted on its own isolated virtual machine(s) geographically near your app, and can be scaled up or down as needed.